Hiking With a Baby

Hiking with a baby may sound like a crazy idea to you and all the apprehensions about handling the baby while in the mountains, climbing, and taking care of your precious little one can surely raise many questions and queries in your mind but no worries parents. Baby hiking never has to be a challenge at all. Babies love being outside the house.

The new souls in the world just love to see and experience the world around them. Such hiking trips prove to be a nice family bonding time, making memories that will never be forgotten. Spending time in the mountains surrounded by nature proves so beneficial both for you and your baby as well.

The clean air away from all the pollution of the city feels refreshing to your baby and yourself as well. So, don’t worry, and never hesitate about going on hikes with your baby to the mountains. With good preparation, both you and your baby can have an amazing time.

Our article focuses on a few important points which can help you while planning for your hiking trip with your baby, making it a fun and enjoyable trip for both.

Choosing the baby carrier

Comfort is the most essential thing. It’s very difficult to hike with an uncomfortable carrier on your back breaking it or an uncomfortable baby crying the whole time. So choosing the right comfortable carrier is very important. Hiking with baby gear that is the carrier can be difficult if the carrier is uncomfortable on your back.

Buying a carrier that you can carry both on your front and back is a very great option because this will allow you to change sides if you get tired after long walks. Carriers with sun and rain protection are also available which add to the comfort of your child and a comfortable baby will be happy and will look around and enjoy the hike with you.

Baby hiking gear

Packing for hikes with a baby can be different compared to packing for a hike when you are going alone. When you are taking a baby along there are a lot more things to remember and pack because you just cannot miss out on anything as this will lead to a crying, miserable baby, and the whole trip will be spoiled. So, preparing a hiking pack for the baby is very important. Some items of utmost importance include:

  • Sun protection i.e. hats, sunblock, etc.
  • Trekking poles because the wriggling baby in the carrier can make it difficult for you to balance on the slopping trails of the mountains so the poles will help you in climbing making your steps stable and protecting you from falling.
  • A first aid kit containing some necessary medicines for the baby in case of emergency
  • Extra clothes. Don’t forget to keep some warm clothes even in summer because the weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable and change at any time so you should be prepared beforehand.
  • Rain cover or raincoat to protect from rain
  • Baby care items like pacifiers, diapers, wipes, tissues, and formula milk. Pack as many as your backpack can fit.
  • Toys to keep your baby occupied and entertained during the short breaks or while they stay in the camps if you have planned so.
  • Camera to capture all the beautiful memories of your family.

Check gear before leaving

Trying out your hiking boots some days before the trip is very important to make sure that the shoes are comfortable enough for you and do not cause shoe bites and blisters. Also, check the baby carrier. Check if its belts are good and the most important thing to check for is if your baby feels comfortable in the carrier or not so do put him in the carrier a few times before the trip so he can get used to it. This will make your baby’s hiking trip a success.

Wise choice of trail

While planning for your baby’s hiking trip, choosing the right trail is very important. Because you cannot hike a trail that is too steep or the terrain is rough while carrying your baby as it can be very dangerous. So it is always good to decide on your trail before eating for the hike. Online research and suggestions from fellow hikers can help you out in deciding on a trail that is easier to climb when hiking with a baby.

Choosing time

Babies love their times of rest and naps and get cranky if they don’t get enough of them. So try to schedule your hike after nap time for your baby. Because a well-rested baby will be happy and will enjoy the trip. If you know beforehand that your baby sleeps well in the carrier as well then you can plan accordingly so they can rest while riding too.

Pack for yourself

While preparing for a trip, parents often spend all the time prepping and packing for their kids to make sure they carry everything that their child might need and do not pack well for themselves. So, be well prepared for yourself as well. Carry water and some snacks along. Use the right hiking gear I.e. hiking boots, Trekking poles, emergency medicines, etc.

Stroller hikes

If carrying your baby on the stoop trails is not a good option for you then there are many stroller-friendly trails out there as well. For this, you will need a stroller with all-terrain tires. Such strollers have better handling and grip on unpaved paths.

Spending time in nature amongst the mountains is a perfect bonding time for the family. All the trees and those surroundings are new to your young one and this stimulation is very important for their development so let them enjoy their time. We hope that the tips will help you and encourage you to take your little bundle of joy out on an exciting hiking trip to the mountains. So, gear up and plan hiking with the baby.

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