5 campfire recipes

It is rightly said that food cooked over the campfire just tastes better. That signature smoky flavor of the food triggers your taste buds to the fullest. As much as we all love all the beauties of nature, hiking, swimming, and paddling of a camping trip; one is also equally excited about the camp food.  The key to preparing good camping food is comforting classics.

Try to go for easy recipes that require fewer ingredients and are made quickly. Making a list of food ideas before your camping trip will help you out in packing the ingredients and the utensils you will need to make those recipes. Our article focuses on helping you in finding some good campfire recipes easy to cook and some tips to help you plan the most awaited meal sessions of your camping trip to help you make delicious food for your family and friends on the campfire.

Mini S’mores

Kids love marshmallows. Mini S’mores are one of the best campfire recipes for kids. There is no match for the marshmallows roasted on the campfire. The smoked marshmallows, dipped in chocolate dipping are mouth-watering. This is a very simple recipe and requires a minimum number of ingredients to be prepared.

You will need some marshmallows, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and some crushed biscuits. Fix your marshmallows on sticks and roast them on the campfire. Enjoy your roasted marshmallows by dipping them in chocolate sauce and coating them with chocolate chips and crushed biscuits to further enhance their flavor.

Grilled corn in the husk

You need full nutrition and healthy food while you are out in the mountains, camping with your loved ones. Grilled corn is a perfect campfire recipe to make and enjoy with your family. To make this yummy grilled corn, you first need to soak the corn in water for a couple of hours. Then drain them. Grill the corn in husks on the campfire using a grill.

After they are all nice and tender, season them with salt and pepper. Top them with some butter. You can also add parmesan or any other type of cheese that you like to the corn. Your grilled husk corms are ready to be eaten. These kernels cooked on the campfire are very juicy and tender and retain their naturally sweet taste.

Mexican beef chili

This is a one-pot recipe to be cooked over the campfire and is a great and hassle-free recipe to feed a hungry crowd. It is also filled with all the good nutrients to energize you after the hectic, adventurous day at the campsite. To make this yummy recipe, you need to fry the beef in olive oil till it turns golden. Then add in all the spices of your choice, tomatoes, some olive, and broth.

Simmer it for some time and then add in a vegetable like peas, capsicum, etc., and look till the vegetables get tender. Add chili sauce for the signature Mexican spice. People also love to add beans to this beef chili. Serve it with bread and salsa. A scrumptious meal is ready without any stress and in a single pan to feed a hungry crowd of campers and satisfy their pangs of hunger.

Lamb kebabs and Greek salad

Sizzling lamb kebabs and Greek salad a perfect companions to spice up your dinner table at the campsite. Marinate your lamb with seasonings of your choice. Let it sit for a few hours so that the flavors fully enrich the lamb. If you are planning to grill your lamb on wooden skewers then make sure that you soak the skewers in water for some time so that they do not get burnt.

Grill the lamb on the campfire and keep rubbing some oil on it after some time to make it tender and juicy. To make your Greek salad mix chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, and mint leaves. Drizzle some lemon juice to add tanginess to your salad. Serve it as a side with your Sizzling lamb kebabs.

Chicken foil pack

This is a very ideal campfire recipe. Foil pack means chicken wrapped up in layers of aluminum foil and grilled over the campfire. The foil locks all the flavors and moisture of the chicken and makes it tender without drying it out. Marinate the chicken breasts with seasonings and sauces of your choice and let them sit for a couple of hours to enhance the flavors.

Cut some large pieces of foil to fold your chicken in it. Wrap the chicken in 2 or 3 layers of aluminum foil. You can also add vegetables of your choice to the same foil to be cooked with the chicken on the grill. You can also separately grill the vegetables. People also like to serve the foiled chicken with canned beans and assorted slices of bread to make up a filling meal.

You can always experiment with your foiled chicken recipe by creating variations in the marinating or the vegetables and other sides to be served alongside your yummy and juicy foiled chicken. Many campfire chicken foil packet recipes are available online. Campfire recipes foil, also include cooking potatoes wrapped in foils.

Besides these fancy camping meals that require a lot of preparation, you can always go for simpler food that can be cooked over the campfire like pancakes, scrambled eggs, and several different grilled sandwiches and soups as well. These recipes are ideal for days when you are way too tired to work hard and prepare a fancy grilled beef or chicken dinner for your family at the campsite.

The general love of every person for food can never be denied. And all we need after a hectic day is a nice and scrumptious meal to fill up our stomachs and also trigger our taste buds. Hope with our article we were successful in giving you some campfire recipes and RV meals for a crowd that you can follow and enjoy the delicious and sizzling grilled meals at the campsite.

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