How to set up camp kitchen

It is rightly said that food cooked over the campfire just tastes better. That signature smoky flavor of the food triggers your taste buds to the fullest. As much as we all love all the beauties of nature, hiking, swimming, and paddling of a camping trip; one is also equally excited about the camp food. After a hectic day of hiking and other adventurous activities, the thought of delicious camp food excites everyone from young to elders. The key to preparing good camping food is comforting classics.

People tend to carry their food goods in camp kitchen trailers. Preparing to cook and knowing how to set up a camp kitchen can be very challenging. You cannot just lay down your grocery bags on the ground to figure out the rest while cooking. This way you will just end up tripping over your stuff and be in a perplexed situation of finding the goods and things that you need to prepare your food. So, setting up an organized camp kitchen is very important. The camper trailer kitchen makes it easy to carry stuff to the campsite.

We are here to guide you and provide you with tips to help you set up your camp kitchen and enjoy cooking for your family in a hassle-free way.

Essentials for the setup of camp kitchen

Here we will discuss all the essential things that you will need to set up your camp kitchen.

  1. Camping stove to cook your meals.
  2. Fuel for the stove and lighters to light it.
  3. Utensils like spoons, plates, glasses, pots, knives, etc.
  4. Coolers to store your drinks.
  5. Trash bags
  6. Camping bin to store your goods.
  7. Dustbins for the waste.
  8. Soaps and hand wash
  9. Camping table and chairs
  10. Camping kettle
  11. A portable camping kitchen sink.

 You can always add up things according to your needs in this list.

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How to set up your camp kitchen

Setting up the camp kitchen is a task of labor for sure. So, you can take it on and finish it till everybody else is busy setting up the tents. Provided are some tips for camp kitchen setup:

Cooking Area for camp Kitchen

This is going to be the place where all the magic will happen. Choosing the right area for cooking is very crucial. Select a flat and clear spot to set up your kitchen. A spot with some shelter from the wind also works best for the camp kitchen unit. Also, check that there is some water body nearby so that it is easy for you to get the water that you need for use in your kitchen.

Dining Area for camp Kitchen

When camping with older kids, a simple chair can work as a dining area but if you have younger kids along then you need to make more efforts while setting up the camp dining area. Set up your table and chairs close to the kitchen so it is easier to serve food.

Washing station for camp Kitchen

Cooking can be messy and you need to clear and wash the mess. So, the selection of a spot to wash the dishes and other stuff is important. A camping outdoor kitchen sink can prove to be helpful.

Create shelter for your food for camp Kitchen

When not cooking, always make sure to cover up your food and gear to protect it from getting wet if it starts to rain. You can use a tarp to cover up your kitchen. This cover will also protect your food from getting spoiled in the sun.

Setting up the workspace for camp Kitchen

You need to set up everything in a way that is easy for you to work and also easy for the diners to access everything easily. At one end of the table, set up your camp kitchen set including the utensils. The other end can have all the chopping boards and knives and next to this can be your stove or grill. Lay out your sauces and spices close to your stove so that they are in your easy reach. Camp kitchen organizers are also available to arrange your utensils.

Storing coolers and bins for camp Kitchen

It is not necessary to unpack everything that you have brought along with you. You can save up stuff for later use and store them in camping bins and put them under the table from where you can pull out stuff whenever you need it. This will save a lot of space. Make sure to put the coolers away from the sunlight so that the drinks stay cold. You can easily find storage bins online to increase your camp kitchen storage.

A drinks station for camp Kitchen

Staying hydrated while on the camp is very important. So, you can set up a separate table for your drinks if you have enough space. If not you can simply keep them under a table in the cooler. This way you can easily take out whatever you need.

Sorting the trash for camp Kitchen

You cannot just throw your trash out in the open. This will cause pollution and destroy the scenic beauty of the campsite. So, proper disposal of trash is very important. Sort your trash into separate trash bags and cans. The food scraping and leftovers can go in one bag while the recyclable items can go in the other bag. Place the bins and trash bags away from the cooking area somewhere close to the washing area. If disposal spots are available at the campsite then you can throw the trash there, otherwise, take it along in your camping kitchen trailer and dispose of it in a proper place.

Hand washing area for camp Kitchen

Taking care of hand hygiene is very important when you are out in the mountains where there can be a lot of germs and pests. So, setting up a washing area with antibacterial soaps and hand washing is a must. You can also carry hand sanitizers with you.

Just remember to set up your kitchen in a way that everything is easy to access. Choose a flat and shady spot to set up your camp kitchen. Properly dispose of your waste so that you do not harm the scenic beauty of the campsite. Camping kitchen with sink and faucet ensures cleanliness.

Hope our tips will help you in arranging and setting up an ideal camp kitchen to save you from the hassle of looking for the stuff when you need it. Working in an organized way will save you time and energy and you will be able to spend more time enjoying yourself with your family.

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